fix1 [ fıks ] verb transitive ***
▸ 1 make something work again
▸ 2 prepare food/drink
▸ 3 arrange hair/clothing
▸ 4 fasten so cannot move
▸ 5 set price/amount/date
▸ 6 arrange event
▸ 7 remember something
▸ 8 dishonestly arrange something
▸ 9 punish/prevent
▸ 10 stop color change
▸ 11 prevent having babies
1. ) to repair something:
Jessica fixed my watch.
have/get something fixed: I have to get my car fixed.
a ) INFORMAL to find a solution to a situation where things are not working well:
Is it too late to fix their marriage?
2. ) to prepare food or drink:
I'll fix dinner.
fix someone something: Jackie fixed me a drink.
3. ) to arrange your hair or clothing so that you look nicer:
How should I fix my hair?
4. ) to fasten something somewhere so that it cannot move:
fix something to/onto/on something: Smoke detectors should be fixed to the ceiling.
She fixed hooks to the window frame.
Andrew is fixing some shelves in the bedroom.
5. ) to make a decision about a price or amount and not allow it to change:
We have fixed our fees for the next three years.
fix something at something: Interest rates have been fixed at 5%.
a ) to decide the date when something will happen:
They fixed a meeting for next Friday at 9:00.
A delivery date has not yet been fixed.
6. ) to arrange for something to happen:
Can you fix it for me to meet the president?
7. ) if you fix something in your mind, you always remember it or think of it in a particular way
8. ) to dishonestly arrange something such as a game or election so that it has the result that someone wants
9. ) INFORMAL used for saying angrily that you will punish someone or stop them from doing something:
He thinks he's won, but I'll fix him!
10. ) to use chemicals on something so that its colors do not change or disappear, for example on a photograph: SET:
The substance fixes the dye so it won't wash out.
11. ) AMERICAN to perform a medical operation on an animal so that it cannot have babies: NEUTER, SPAY:
We had the cat fixed after her first litter.
be fixing to do something AMERICAN SPOKEN
to be ready or planning to do something
`fix on phrasal verb transitive
1. ) to choose someone or something after considering the situation:
We've finally fixed on a plan.
2. ) fix something on something if you fix your eyes or your attention on someone or something, you look straight at them and at nothing else:
She fixed her gaze on Jeff.
I kept my eyes fixed on the horizon.
be fixed on (doing) something INFORMAL
to think about something so much or be so determined to do something that you do not think about anything else
,fix `up phrasal verb transitive
1. ) to clean, repair, or decorate something:
They take old furniture and fix it up.
I'm going to fix up the house before my mother-in-law arrives.
fixed up (=looking your best): I got all fixed up for the party.
fix yourself up (=make yourself look nice): Go and fix yourself up the Clarks are coming over.
2. ) to arrange for something to happen:
Perhaps we can fix up a meeting for next week.
3. ) SPOKEN to arrange for someone to have something that they need:
If you need more equipment, Mark will fix you up.
fix someone up with something: I can fix you up with a place to live.
4. ) SPOKEN to arrange for two people to meet so that they might begin a romantic relationship:
fix someone up with someone: Jimmy wants to fix Joe up with his sister.
`fix with phrasal verb transitive
fix someone with something if you fix someone with your eyes, you look directly in their eyes so that they feel they cannot turn away:
Mary fixed him with a cool gaze.
fix 2 [ fıks ] noun
1. ) count something that solves a problem or corrects a mistake:
a quick fix (=a fast solution, but one that is usually only temporary): We need a long-term solution, not just a quick fix.
2. ) singular INFORMAL a difficult situation or a big problem:
I can get you out of this fix.
in a fix: We're all in the same fix.
3. ) singular an amount of a drug that someone feels they need to take regularly
4. ) singular a dishonest arrangement intended to produce a particular result:
Everyone knows the contest was a fix.
get/have a fix on something
to understand clearly what something is like

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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